Friday, December 11, 2009

Wow-Spectacular Round 8

$70,355 is the amount my fantasy team won in Round 8 of the NFR--that's some spectacular rodeo! Less said about Round 7 the better. My team only won $21,243 that night with Bobby Mote (6), Tryan/Jones (5), Taos Muncy (6) and Mary Burger (3-tie) placing in the money, but not high enough to make a difference.

But round 8 was a whole other experience. Here are the details:

Bobby Mote placed 1st in Bare back riding to win $15343 in a tie
Tryan/Jones placed 1st in Team Roping with each winning $17139
Taos Muncy placed 2nd in Saddle Bronc winning $13546 and
Tuf Cooper placed a solid 4th in tie down roping to win $7188 for a total team win of $70,355!!!!!! Biggest win yet for my team. And if I understand it correctly, I could have actually won some money for this round on Pro Fanatasy Rodeo since their highest team score was around $62K for that round. Maybe next year I'll play for real. I'm just feeling my way this year, seeing if I know rodeo well enough to compete. Up until this round, I had my doubts. :)

On my team, Trevor Knowles continues to struggle in steer wrestling with another no time and J.W. Harris failed to ride in bull riding due to his wrist injury. Mary Burger came in at a respectable time, but the field was fast and she landed in 10th place.

Only two more nights left and the all important average (the cowboy/girl who has the best scores in their event over 10 rounds) provides so much money to the top spot ($44K) that it can be the determining factor for the world championship--not to mention a heck of paycheck. More on that later. Go Cowboys--and I mean the rodeo ones, not the football ones!:)

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