Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What Makes Cowboys So Hot!

Every week I'm going to be discussing hunky cowboys--either ones I'm reading about for Love Western Romances.com, ones I'm watching in movies or T.V. shows or cowboys I'm writing about in one of my manuscripts. All in an attempt to determine what makes cowboys so hot!

Have you seen the WE TV show Girl Meets Cowboy? Unfortunately, many of you may not get WE TV (Women's Entertainment Television) as it is a specialty cable station but if you do--check out 10 pm on Sunday nights. (And, no, I am not affiliated in anyway with WE TV!)
Premise: four women from the city, frustrated with love urban-style, come out west to a ranch to meet one cowboy. Over two weeks, he gets to know the ladies and then must choose one he'd like to continue seeing by the end of the hour. Each week it's a different cowboy with different women. For the women, it's the whole "duck out of water" thing. So far, they've mostly come dressed in stilettos, halter tops and tight skirts or pants. When they change into western wear,the fun begins.

In the first three episodes, the guys have all been hunks and sweet as can be. Gentle and tender but also sensible and resolute, by the end of the show they've pretty much figured out who is not right for them and who could be right for them. (Of course, the producers always include at least one high-maintenance "Paris Hilton wannabe" in the bunch.)

But the show may provide a clue about the cowboy (or myth of the cowboy) appeal. These are real people (well as real as anything is on reality TV). And the cowboys, so far, have demonstrated an engaging combination of strong but vulnerable, determined but caring, protective but independent. Next week's teaser showed a very hunky cowboy with a seductive smile and a mischievous twinkle in his eye so we'll have to wait and see if he has these intriguing combinations.
Now my own "cowboy" is anything but a cowboy--he's a sports loving PhD if you can believe it. But he does embody those combinations of characteristics. So is it that combination of characteristics or something else that appeals to you about cowboys?
Next blog I'll discuss cowboys with attitude from some of the Western Historical Romances I've been reading. Check in before next Wednesday for more.
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