Sunday, July 3, 2016

Love Me Some Fireworks!

I love fireworks. And I love that we celebrate our Independence with a fireworks display! I don't mind the noise or the crowds. I love to sit and ooh and ahh to my heart's content. Disney fireworks are probably tops but I must say Atlantic City, NJ puts on quite a show on 4th of July.

When I was growing up, our neighbors would hold their annual 4th of July picnic--a huge affair--and they would shoot off fireworks of their own (before it became illegal in my state). My dad, my uncle, and our neighbor were all firemen (volunteer) and most of their friends were firemen or EMTs so I suppose if we had an incident, which we didn't, they would have known, hopefully what to do. Having fireworks in someone's back yard meant we never had to venture far for a great view although there wasn't the massive display you see at town events.

My favorite "fireworks" were those sparklers. I just loved them and I admit I miss them. It made me feel like part of the action.

This Fourth of July, after spending time with family, we are all going to the fireworks. Can't wait! What are some of the best fireworks you have seen?