Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Big Finale

Well, it was some NFR this year. The ending was spectacular and very competitive. Congratulations to Bobby Mote, Lee Graves, Nick Sartain and Kollin VonAhn, Jesse Kruse, Trevor Brazile, Brittany Pozzi and J.W. Harris. And special congrats to Trevor Brazile for his seventh all around world championship and Josh Peek for his all around NFR championship. And extra special congrats to the average winners of my team, Bobby Mote and Tuf Cooper (who also placed second in tie-down roping behind his brother-in-law Trevor!)

How did my fantasy team do? Well it could have been worse but it sure could have been better.

After a terrific win in Round 8, my team only won $30,408 in round 9 and $38,978 in round 10. Not enough to come close in the Fantasy league where over $56K took the tenth round. Overall my team made only $452,000 when the fantasy team that won made close to $720,000! Nice payout coming to the "Mustache Riders" and I'm guessing that Cody DeMoss was one of their cowboys.

Overall, though, there were some standouts on my team. Bobby Mote won money in every round but the second round and came in first in round 9 and 10. He also won the average and was by far my biggest money-maker on the team winning over $135K at the NFR--like wow!

Next best were my team ropers Tryan and Jones because as a team, their winnings are doubled. They earned out, combined, over $105K. But a real standout and one of my favorite cowboys is Tuf Cooper, earning over $87K at the NFR. Actually, I think he came in even higher than that but I'm just reading what my worksheet said. In any event, it was a great NFR final and he kept his poise in the tenth round when he just had to make a time to win the average. He did, showing that young as he is, he's a cowboy with true grit! Looking forward to the next NFR!

Happy Holidays to all!

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