Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: The Creed Legacy by Linda Lael Miller

I am a big fan of Linda Lael Miller's novels, both contemporary and historical.  Today I'm reviewing her latest contemporary, The Creed Legacy, released in July. I know, I'm behind in my reading, but this book was worth the wait. Like all of her books, this story has strong cowboys, spirited women and warm hearts.

Brody Creed has something to prove—he’s just not sure to whom. Most likely it is himself. Having made some difficult turns in his life, things didn’t always work out how he’d hoped. And he’s put up so many walls his own twin brother doesn’t know that Brody is a widower and lost a child as well. All his family and the town of Lonesome Dove know about him is that he roamed the rodeo circuit for a decade before finally coming back home. Maybe that’s how Brody should keep things, but then there is one little lady who deserves more of an explanation for how he treated her years ago. If she can forgive him, there may be hope to mend his sore heart.

Carolyn Simmons knows all about being a rolling stone. She just never thought she’d be on the receiving end of someone else’s moving on. Brody Creed broke her heart into little pieces once—when she was most vulnerable. She’s not about to go back for seconds, regardless of how attracted she is to the man. Once Brody had given her a taste of what being loved and part of a family could be like. That will have to suffice unless her little foray into internet dating pans out. Anything not to let Brody Creed get too close.

Once again Ms. Miller mines the hearts and souls of her characters to strike at their vulnerabilities so as to make them stronger in the end. Brody Creed acts a good game, but deep inside he is hurting and all the bravado in the world won’t cure that. Carolyn is scared to open up, yet afraid that loneliness is all she’ll ever know. Together these two must learn about trust before they will be able to experience love. Sweet and sensual, this romance is all about the healing aspects of true love.