Monday, March 28, 2016

Nothing Beats a Country Boyfriend--Here's Why

I couldn't have said it better than the Country Habit blog (link below) so I'm sending you there. This is what makes a romance novel cowboy a great hero, especially for the tough-minded heroines in the Hearts of Wyoming. Of course, this is a romanticized look at cowboys but having known  a few in my time, it's true more often than not.

You'll find Chance Cochran and Ty Martin are men in this vein and Cody Taylor coming soon in Book 3 is even more so. They each have their burdens but they know how to carry them.

Available at Amazon:
Time is running out to get THE MAVERICK MEETS HIS MATCH at 99 cents as part of the 99 romances for 99 cents each promotion going on at Amazon right now.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tea and Things

I am a die-hard tea drinker. When I went to visit England many years ago, I fell in love with PG Tips brand of tea. Now to anyone who is British, this does not speak well of me. PG Tips is like their Lipton tea--nothing special. In fact, when I recently held a "tea" for the ladies in my neighborhood, my British neighbor gave a very unladylike snort when I pointed out the PG Tips on the table. (I also had Earl Grey, Lady Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Ginger & Peach, and Green tea in loose leaf or bags depending on the brand so not to worry, she had lots to choose from.)

But, if you have ever had PG Tips, you know that it is a robust, strong tea that bests the "weaker" common American teas in my humble opinion especially if you have to drink decaf as I do. Everything, you see, is relative.

How do I get PG Tips in America? Well the good news is that regular PG Tips started showing up in my local supermarket about five years ago. I would have been ecstatic except I can't tolerate caffeinated beverages. When I met a new neighbor who loved tea, however, I presented her with a box of regular PG Tips. She loved the tea but was sorry to hear that I could not partake with her.

Fast forward to my birthday. The doorbell rang, I opened it, and there stood my neighbor with a small bag and in that small bag was a package of Decaf PG Tips! I was in heaven. Where did she get it? Amazon of course. Since then I have been buying my tea off of Amazon. Who knew?

This is my little extravagance that makes me smile with every cup (and I have a lot of cups especially when I am writing.) Much like, I'm sure, coffee drinkers feel when they have a Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato, though my cup of tea, even though it is imported, is much less expensive.

Tea anyone! What's your favorite tea? Coffee?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

No. 2 Best Seller on Amazon's Western Romance List Now 99 Cents!

I am happy to report that THE MAVERICK MEETS HIS MATCH hit number 2 on Amazon's Western Romance best seller list last week and has remained there. And it is currently part of Amazon's 99 Romances for 99 cents each promotion!

I have to say my experience with Kindle Press has been nothing short of amazing. On February 28 MAVERICK zoomed to number 3 on that same best seller list (at full price) propelled by, it appears, a targeted emailing promotion by Amazon to readers who, based on their algorithms, would like my book. For the next week it bounced around on the top twenty on that list until on March 4 the 99 cent promotion hit!

To make the most of the promotion I ran an ad in E-reading deals (March 5), was interviewed and promoted on We Love Readers (March 8) and participated in a re-tweet party with 35 other authors on March 9 when MAVERICK hit No. 2 again. On March 10 it was promoted on Bookhearts and on March 13 it ran on ENT. The next promo is for March 18 on Choosy Bookworm.

Through all of this I have been running a boost of my Facebook Ad promoting the 99 cent deal for a $10/day budget. I do notice a perceptible drop in rankings when I have allowed the boost to expire so I am keeping it going as it does seem to translate into sales. According to one of those sales rank generators, I am selling between 150 and 190 books per day at my overall Kindle ranking. I can hardly believe that is true but I won't know for sure until the end of April when I can see my March royalty statement.

I am also thrilled that I have fifteen reviews so far with an average rating of 4.7! I do hope readers who have enjoyed the book will continue to post reviews. It is the best way to inform other readers about the book and help them make the decision as to whether it's a book they would like.

I am so grateful to the Kindle Press team and my editor, Megan, for giving this book the opportunity to find new readers! It is great motivation to finish Book 3 of the series, The Wrangler's Heart, which I am working on feverishly!

A big thank you to readers who have taken a chance on this book!  I hope you enjoy the ride! Hugs, Anne

THE MAVERICK MEETS HIS MATCH is available from Amazon

Friday, March 4, 2016


Amazon has decided to include THE MAVERICK MEETS HIS MATCH, my second book in the Hearts of Wyoming Series, in their 99 romances for 99 cents each feature so that means, dear readers, that you can get THE MAVERICK MEETS HIS MATCH at a discount for a limited time.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with Kindle Press for getting this promo for this book and for you!

I hope you get it, read it, and enjoy it. And if you do, please consider posting a review of the book on it's Amazon page. It helps other readers decide if this book would be for them.

Here's the link: