Monday, December 7, 2009

Round 4 Fantasy NFR Team

Well it's round 4 and thank goodness for team roping or I'd have little to show for my fantasy team. So thank you Travis Tryan and Michael Jones for your fantastic roping ability.
Team members in the money last night were:
Travis Tryan and Michael Jones who combined in Team Roping to tie with Sartain and VonAhn for first so they split the first and second place winnings for a total of $30,686. Remind me when I play fantasy rodeo for real to carefully choose my team roping duo--those boys can win you some money! Taos Muncy came in second in Saddle Bronc earning $13536 and Bobby Mote came in 6th in Bareback riding for $2764. That's $46996 my team won in Round 4. Not bad but not enough to win a Fantasy Rodeo round.
By the way, Taos lost to Jesse Kruse who looked amazing on his saddle bronc and showed people why he is number 1 in the event. I would have chosen Jesse for my team since I think he'll win, but in the real fantasy rodeo you only have so much money to spend on your team and since Jesse was already at number 1, he came at a high price. So I went with my sentimental favorite, Taos Muncy who won in 2007 and then broke his leg in 2008. I love a comeback. Which is why I didn't pick my other favorite Saddle bronc rider, Cody Wright. He also looked awesome in Round 3--poetry in motion. But since he won last year, I thought I'd go with the "comeback." So far, Taos hasn't disappointed--winning round 1 and placing 2nd in round 4.
Looking forward to more rodeo tonight!

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