Friday, February 19, 2010

Feedback When You Need It

Having recently sent out my next manuscript for editorial review, I was happy to get positive feedback over these past few weeks on my published story Re-ride at the Rodeo, available as an e-book novella and included in the print anthology Return to Wayback.

First, 5 blue ribbons from C. Dionne at Romance Junkies! Reviewing all three stories in the anthology favorably, she wrote:

In RETURN TO WAYBACK the authors tackle some pretty heavy issues and they do it with such style and foresight that the reader begins to feel like they’ve connected with long lost friends.

This is a wonderful anthology which I’m sure fans of stories involving small towns and rodeos will fully appreciate

And the reviewer specifically described Re-ride at the Rodeo as: Humorous and lovingly emotional…

Thanks Romance Junkies!

Then Linda Broday, western romance author of novels Redemption and Knight of the Texas Plains and contributor to the popular anthologies Give Me a Cowboy and Give Me a Texan wrote this about Re-ride at the Rodeo:

I just finished reading RE-RIDE AT THE RODEO and loved it…. your writing voice just blew me away… Great characters too! Wow, Clay Tanner was sexy as all get-out! You drew me onto the page and kept me there. I hated for the story to end—L. Broday

Thanks Linda!
I hope if you haven't had a chance, you'll pick up a copy and enjoy a little romance, western style:)!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Special Valentine

Valentine's Day is a very special day in our home and in my heart because it is also my daughter's birthday. Fifteen years ago, after six frustrating years trying to get pregnant, I delivered a healthy baby girl into my husband's arms--well actually into the doctor's arms but he held her right after. She is, hands down, the best present her father and I ever received. As I always tell her, having her was like winning life's lottery. We couldn't be more blessed. So Happy Birthday, Katie!