Sunday, December 6, 2009

Round 2 and Round 3 Fantasy NFR

How am I doing with my fantasy team? Frankly not so good, particularly since I spent most of my chits on picking the top bull rider, J.W. Harris and he's out with a bad wrist. So, instead, I'll be replacing him with Jesse Bail who hasn't scored yet (you can't substitute in real fantasy rodeo but hey, this is MY fantasy) until/if J.W. comes back.

Remember, only those who place 1-6 get a payout from the rodeo (ranging from $17139-2,764) and if they tie with someone, they split the money for that round's place.

So here's the results in round 2

Bareback riding, Bobby Mote -10
Steer Wrestling, Trevor Knowles--3
Team Roping, Tryan/Jones--11 (no score)
Saddle Bronc riding, Taos Muncy--13(no score)
Tie-down roping, Tuf Cooper--3
Barrel racing, Mary Burger--7
Bull riding, Jesse Bail, no score

Total payout to team members: a meager $25,956

But the third round (Saturday night) I did a bit better, mainly because my team ropers came in first and that's double the money since there are two of them! Here's the results

Bareback riding, Bobby Mote (3)
Steer Wrestling, Trevor Knowles (8)
Team roping, Tryan/Jones (1)
Saddle bronc riding, Taos Muncy (12)
Tie down roping, Tuf Cooper (6)
Barrel racing, Mary Burger (4)
Bull riding, Jesse Bail (0)

Total round 3 payout of team members: $51510--best night yet. :) But still not good enough to win in real fantasy rodeo.

Off to watch tonight's round on ESPN 2 at 9 pm EST.

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