Friday, December 4, 2009

Fantasty NF Rodeo Team

How did my fanatsy rodeo team do last night in the first round of the National Finals Rodeo? Well let's see:

Bareback riding-- Bobby Mote (2)* --84 score/ placed 5

Steer Wrestling-- Trevor Knowles (5)-- No score/ placed 15th

Team Roping-- Tryan/Jones (7/8)-- 9.10/ placed 8

Saddle Bronc riding-- Taos Muncy (11)-- 86 score/placed 1

Tie down roping --Tuf Cooper (6)-- 8.3/ scored 6

Barrel Racing-- Mary Burger (3)-- 14.33/placed 8

Bull Riding --J.W. Harris (1)-- no score/ tied for 7th

In all my contestants won $20, 917 with only three placing in the money. Not great but it's only the first round with nine more to go. Happy, though, that I picked a winner for my favorite event, saddle bronc riding. My hero in Re-ride at the Rodeo is a saddle bronc rider, natch. Saddle bronc riding is one of the classic rodeo events because bronc riding has been a necessary skill of cowboys since horses needed to be ridden. It also requires the most mastery of any of the rough-stock events and puts the most emphasis on form of any of those events. It takes a long time to be a good saddle bronc rider, but once you master it, you can become really great.

If you don't get ESPN Classic, you can catch the rodeo in the wee hours of the morning on ESPN 2 or watch it as close to real time as possible on your computer, starting at 10 p.m. EST each night on, as I do. Congrats to all the winners.

*()ranking prior to the NFR

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