Monday, June 20, 2016

99 Cents Kindle Edition for a limited time only

LOVING A COWBOY  kindle edition has been discounted for a limited time only to the sale price of 99 cents! This is Book 1 in the Hearts of Wyoming series: Libby and Chance's story-

Saddle bronc rider Chance Cochran knows a bad omen when he sees one, and Libby Brennan isn’t just a bad omen, she’s the woman he was married to, five years ago, for all of forty-eight hours—before her father dragged her away and started divorce proceedings. 
It isn’t by coincidence Libby Brennan shows up where Chance is celebrating the win that put him in the million-dollar cowboy class. Older and hopefully wiser, she’s come to clear up a legal technicality as well as ask his forgiveness. Then maybe she can move on with her life.

But saying she’s sorry won’t be enough to make amends to this cowboy who has endured a lifetime of people abandoning him. When Chance needs some help after sustaining an injury however, Libby may have a second chance—at love.

This series is all about second chances so if you enjoyed The Maverick Meets His Match, you'll enjoy Loving a Cowboy. And if you have read Loving A Cowboy and enjoyed it, I would be so grateful if you could leave a review. It doesn't have to be long--just a few words will do but reviews help other readers figure out if they would like the book and Amazon's algorithms reward a book with more reviews in terms of visibility. Here's the link again:

Hope you enjoy the ride!  Hugs, Anne