Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Montana Creeds:Tyler by Linda Lael Miller

Tyler is the youngest of the Montana Creeds—and he’s learned a lot from his two older brothers—mostly about how not to take on responsibility. But now both his brothers are married with families of their own and he’s not only estranged from them, but the odd man out on his own land.

Of course, Tyler has a lot to resent. His mother committed suicide when he was younger and now he learns his miserable father took the same path. It’s no wonder he just wants to be left alone in his time-worn cabin.

But when his former girlfriend, Lily Kenyon arrives back in town to help her ailing father, solitude doesn’t seem very inviting. And when he witnesses the abuse of a teenage boy, a boy that could be his own son, at the hands of a no-good “step-father”, Tyler makes room in his life for another damaged soul.

Lily has her own issues to deal with. Her husband’s mysterious death, her father’s critical illness and a daughter that needs structure and a sense of family. Given everything she’s dealing with, there is no reserves left to explore the remnants of a past relationship that had gone sour very quickly. That is until Tyler shows up on her doorstep in the flesh.

Will the past rip them apart or can they hold onto each other and face the future together?

This third installment of the Montana Creed series is hot, steamy and sexy but also filled with the emotional tugs that keep readers turning those pages. With compelling characters, difficult situations and strong emotions, this is a satisfying conclusion to a wonderful trilogy. Available today from HQN at bookstores everywhere and Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.

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