Monday, March 9, 2009

But Can the Cowboy Dance?

As everyone must know by now, Ty Murray, seven time all-around Pro-Rodeo champion and PBR President and star, is going to be on Dancing with the Stars tonight. My DVR is set! Jewel, his wife, was supposed to be on there competing against him but she fractured the tibia in both legs--both legs! Who knew dancing could be so tough!

Ty Murray has shown he's the top cowboy in so many ways. Not only is he a seven time all-around Pro Rodeo champion--a record--but he did it competing in the three most physically challenging events of rodeo, bareback riding, saddle bronc riding and bull riding. Doing just one event usually sets you up for a life time of physical pain from the broken bones and torn ligaments--and Ty sure has had those, with surgery on knees and other areas.

So how can someone who has those kind of physical injuries and surgeries possibly compete in the arena of dancing where grace, rhythm and having "young" legs is a requirement, Cloris Leachman not withstanding? Well, we'll know tonight but I'm guessing Ty will face this like he does everything else--with discipline, commitment, determination and a heavy dose of cowboy grit. You may say this is just dancing but then two contestants have gotten injured already, before the show has even started.

Still, I'm betting on Ty to show them how it's done!

If you aren't familiar with the cowboy who at 23 became the youngest millionare in the history of Rodeo, is a founding member of the popular PBR (Pro Bull Riding) of which he is now President and married one of the prettiest singers ever, here's a video so you can catch up:

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