Thursday, January 8, 2009

What a Way to Start the New Year!

What a way to start off the New Year! Got several new reviews for Re-ride at the Rodeo! Woohoo!:) Here’s some of what they’ve been saying:

“An enjoyable read! Re-ride at the Rodeo has happiness radiated all over the story. Anne Carrole has written such a down-to-earth love story with tall, sexy cowboys…This is my first Anne Carrole book and it definitely would not be the last one.”—Writer’s and Reader’s of Distinct Fiction.

“Her characters are solid, believable and consistently reliable. She told her story in such a way that I could not stop. Each page turned was a gift of more of the thrill readers search for. The supporting cast was great and just depicted the best of all qualities. The sensuality of this book was incredible. The outcome of the bet between the cowboys was, of course, as expected. However, the ending to the book was a complete surprise to me.
This was a great book with a heart-warming storyline. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes happy endings.” 4 ½ hearts The Romance Studio

“This book had plenty of humor in it that came when you didn’t always expect it…Dusty had a depth to her that is sometimes lacking in books this short. Some of this is due to the heart to heart talk she has with her mother and some is just due to the way she interacts with the other characters. Dusty and her problems become very real and you can feel for her as she tries to sort out her feelings. Of course, it doesn’t help that her good friend is pushing Clay at her and pretty much offers him a place to stay at Dusty’s house while her mother is gone.

As Dusty and Clay figure out their relationship with the help of their good friends, you can’t help but to laugh and then sigh along with their ups and downs. While you know that this story is going to have a happy ending, you still can’t wait to read how it happens.” Night Owl Reviews

“Re-ride at the Rodeo by Anne Carrole is the latest installment in the Wayback Texas Series. Ms. Carrole's first book, Re-ride, is a great story. The plot is deceptive in that it seems straightforward but is an intricately woven one step forward, two steps back dance between the characters. The characters are emotionally complex which makes for a very entertaining read and the ending is absolutely wonderful. I hope she writes something else soon.”-Manic Readers

Re-Ride at the Rodeo is Anne Carole’s addition to the exciting Wayback Texas series. This is a sweet read, that will having you smiling at the antics of Clay and his friend and the getting ons they get up to. I have to admit while I love a happy ending, this happy ending was original and Dusty deserved it all.” 4 1/2 clovers CK’s Kwips and Kritiques

Re-Ride at the Rodeo by Anne Carrole is the third book in the Wayback Texas series. Ms. Carrole writes a captivating story. I wasn’t sure what to expect since the first book was so good, but this book definitely lives up to the standards the first book put in place. Dusty has seen enough heartbreak to know she doesn’t want anything to do with a rodeo man. She knows the love ‘em and leave ‘em type all too well and Clay fits perfectly into that category. Clay rides broncos the same way he runs from his past, fast and steady. He loves the rush each ride gives him and hopes no one ever finds out who he really is. The chemistry between Dusty and Clay is hot. Ms. Carrole writes an enchanting story and I will be sure to keep an eye out for Ms. Carrole’s next book!-5 Angels Fallen Angel Reviews

“Re-Ride at the Rodeo” was a fun and highly enjoyable romance. The author created characters that I could truly care about…Clay was a great character as well with his charisma and personality… I could easily see myself falling for him…a wonderful contemporary western romance filled with believable characters and charm” 4 ½ books Long And Short Reviews

You can check out the full reviews at their sites. And you can purchase Re-ride at the Rodeo for just $3 at The Wild Rose Press. Also available at Fictionwise. Happy New Year everyone!

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Devon Matthews said...

Congratulations on the terrific reviews! You richly deserve every one. I love your writing!