Monday, January 26, 2009

Review: Montana Creeds: Logan by Linda Lael Miller

Just finished reading Linda Lael Miller’s latest release, Montana Creeds: Logan, a contemporary western about a family that is related to the McKettrick family from another popular series of hers. I just love how these all inter-twine. Reminds me of what Anthony Trollope used to do with his novels back in the day.

Logan Creed, by society’s account, is a successful man. He’s got a gold-plated law degree, has a few rodeo buckles from his younger days and was a special ops soldier in Iraq, and survived. But he’s haunted by the death of his father with whom he had a complicated relationship, his falling out with his two brothers with whom he has no relationship and two failed marriages. He doesn’t feel very successful. So he’s come back to Stillwater Springs, Montana and the broken-down family ranch to, in essence, begin again. He plans to return the ranch and the Creed name to its former glory—both of which have been tarnished by neglect. Tackling that seems a heck of a lot easier than building relationships and learning how to care again.

Divorced, single parent Briana Grant, by most accounts, would not be considered successful. She can barely keep food on the table though she’s working hard at her job in a local casino, she can’t supply her sons with all the gadgets kids want these days, and she’s doesn’t have a home to call her own as she’s living in Dylan Creed’s house on the Creed family ranch as a “caretaker” though he’s doing all the caring for it—from over the phone lines as he’s traveling as a stuntman in the movies. But Briana has a warm and loving relationship with her two growing boys and friends who are willing to help her and by her own yardstick, she’s doing okay. After a childhood spent on the road and a wayward ex-husband, she’s trying to put down roots. What she doesn’t need is any more complications in an already complicated life. But then, Logan Creed moves in next door and all bets are off.

When break-ins start occurring and her ex-husband appears on the scene, things take an unexpected turn in a new direction for both of them.

No one creates sexy, complicated, Stetson-wearing heroes the way Ms. Miller does, and she hits the bulls-eye with Logan Creed. And when he comes up against an equally strong-minded but vulnerable heroine, the sparks fly. Talk about sexual tension! In fact all the characters in this book are so well drawn that they will seem both familiar and yet intriguing from the two young boys, to the new sheriff to an ex-husband that you actually root for in his troubled relationship with his young sons. This book is definitely a romance but the family dynamics that are exposed hit an achingly familiar cord. Well done! 5 Stars!
Montana Creeds: Logan
Harlequin: HQN
February 2009 Release

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Celia Yeary said...

Anne--I've read all her Creed novels--now here's new one. You can be sure I'll read and enjoy it. Oh, I wish I were Linda Lael Miller, Oh, I wish I were...
thanks for the tip--Celia