Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SAD beginning, HAPPY ending

I am sure many of you have had this happen to you but a bird flew into my sliding glass door yesterday near dinner time. The clunk was loud so I knew it wasn’t good. Sure enough, there she was on the deck, clearly stunned but still alive…barely. I felt helpless as I watched her struggle for breath. Tears filled my eyes. Another bird flew onto the deck. Her mate? He stood a few inches from her watching as her head bent and her body seemed to pull in on itself. She had been moving her head a little at first, but now it just hung, seemingly lifeless. Her mate moved closer, almost touching her wings. I thought he was saying goodbye. She moved her head slightly to look at him. This tragedy had been playing out over twenty minutes. 

Crying, unable to watch anymore and saying prayers that this bird would live and live well, I went in to change my clothes because I had someplace I had to be. Minutes later I had to check. Both birds were gone, had flown away. Happy ending! I doubt this is the same bird at my feeder this morning but I like to think so. Any tips for what to put on my window so this doesn’t happen again? 

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