Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't you know Connor Mead? Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past and all.

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This past weekend I went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, hubby in reluctant tow. It was cute, sexy and ultimately romantic. It also posed the question of what is life without love--and romance.

Because haven't we all met this guy Connor Mead in some form or another? The player. The womanizer. The playboy. We women have a ton of ways to label him as "danger."

I knew a "Connor Mead" and he was a typically gorgeous man--who knew it. He used to run at lunch time with his shirt off, sending every warm-blooded woman to the windows as he jogged by, drool forming at the corners of our mouths.

He'd been married to a woman who looked like she had stepped out of the pages of Playboy but, as one would expect, the marriage had ended in divorce since he seemed to follow a very loose interpretation of the marriage vows. As a result, he was free to hit on anyone--and he did. Married? Older? Fifteen years younger? Everyone was fair game. And, like Connor Mead, he was clear that it was just a good time. Rumors were always flying around the office about who was his latest lady du jour.

Apparently, just like in the movie, there were enough women who were either just looking for a good time too, or thought they would be the one to change his wandering ways. Of course, no one ever did--change his wondering ways. Last I heard from a male colleague who had kept in touch with him, this Connor Mead was living alone in some resort town and hadn't changed his modus operandi one bit. Considering he must be close to retirement age, I find that interesting--and sad.

Because life without love and romance wouldn't appeal to me. Give me my happily ever-after--which, by the way, the movie delivers on even if real life may not always. And that's one of the benefits of being an author, we get to write that happily ever after. So here's wishing all the Connor Meads in this world some real romance in their life.

And ladies, if you're a fan of Texan Matthew McConaughey you'll definitely enjoy this movie.

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Jenn Nixon said...

I love both actors, but I didn't read your review...don't want spoilers. Will probably see it when it comes on demand.

Your blog is so pretty! Did you do it yourself?