Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review of Montana Creeds: Dylan by Linda Lael Miller

In this second book in the series, Linda Lael Miller gives us bad boy Dylan Creed—the middle son of hell-raiser and less than sterling father, Jake Creed. Dylan is carrying around a lot of baggage from his childhood and he hasn’t exactly lived down his father’s legacy. But when the mother of his child, Bonnie, leaves the child in the cab of his pick-up while he’s playing poker, he has a chance to step up and be the kind of father the young toddler needs—the kind of father his own wasn’t.

Dylan returns to his home town of Stillwater Springs, Montana determined to do what is right for his daughter. Which means setting down roots and giving her the kind of stable home her wayward mother was not capable of. But Dylan doesn’t have a whole lot of experience or any role models to rely on. But he does know a very pretty librarian, his former love, Kristy Madison, who would make a great mother.

Years ago, Kristy had issued an ultimatum after his father’s funereal, one Dylan couldn’t comply with at the time. He needed space, needed time and needed to prove himself. She got engaged to a “responsible” member of the community and only recently did Dylan learn she hadn’t gone through with the marriage. But is she willing to pick up with him again and can he convince her it’s not just a mother for his child he needs—but a wife and partner in this enterprise called life?

Ms. Miller has once again created a charismatic cowboy, but not without faults. Self-absorbed, hard-headed and just a tad domineering, you can’t help but wonder if the self-conscious, quiet librarian will be up to the task of taming him. But like all Ms. Miller’s novels, it would be a mistake to underestimate the strength of her heroines. Romantic, sexy and with a mystery that will keep those pages turning.

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