Monday, November 23, 2015


THE MAVERICK MEETS HIS MATCH has only 4 days left in Kindle Scout and unfortunately, I don't think there is enough momentum to put it over the threshold necessary for a Kindle Press contract. And not being very proficient in publicity hasn't helped.

But I have learned a lot regardless of the final outcome.

First, it has been much easier for me to ask people to nominate the book for which they have the potential to get a free e-copy than to ask them to buy my book :)

Second, this campaign has gotten me out of my comfort zone and as a result I've tried new things--Fivver promotions, for one. One was very successful but the other two, not so much. I've done Facebook Ads and they have been more successful when sent to followers and their friends than to "targeted" audiences. A smaller audience has actually produced better results. But it is a lot of money per nomination received so not sure I will do it again. Tweeting hasn't really produced anything, but it is easy and simple so I'm still doing it.

Third, I realize I will need a lot of promo help when I do launch this book so I will be looking around for a promo company to help with that campaign.

Fourth, I have some really great friends, virtual and in-person, who have helped get the word out and I appreciate their efforts on my behalf!

Here's the nomination link:

Hanging in there until the end--Hugs, Anne

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Update: Kindle Scout Stats

Well, today THE MAVERICK MEETS HIS MATCH fell off the Hot and Trending list. Now what? I am running a Facebook Ad and posting on every group where it's allowed but will that be enough? The book has spent 103 hours on Hot and Trending and had 238 page views (which is the only surrogate they give you for votes)--and I'm sure many of those page views were from me checking if it was on Hot and Trending, lol.

In case you'd like to nominate THE MAVERICK MEETS HIS MATCH, (and if the book is selected by Kindle Press you would get a free kindle copy) here's the link:

Friday, October 30, 2015

Hot and Trending on Amazon Kindle Scout

I suppose it goes with out saying that you have a better chance of being picked up by Amazon Kindle Press if you're book is on the Hot and Trending list of Kindle Scout, than if you are not.

I am happy to say that The Maverick Meets His Match hit that list last night and is still on it today. By the time they provided statistics (approx. 5 a.m. this morning) I had 104 page views so I figure I had at least a 100 nominations the first day--which I am very pleased with. Thank you to all who nominated The Maverick Meets His Match.

However, how do you stay on Hot and Trending? That's the key question. Almost half of my page views came from Kindle Scout readers, the rest came from loop emails and Facebook according to their stats which I guess was a result of my promo efforts. But once your friends on Facebook and Twitter and the loops nominates your book, that's it. So now where do I go to get nominations?

I am trying a boosted post on my Facebook page which has about 2600 likes/follows. I will have to wait until tomorrow to see how many nominations are coming from that ad since Kindle Scout only updates once a day so no idea how many page views today although, last I checked the book is still on Hot and Trending but now on the first page and it is listed first on the Romance category page so I'm hoping that means good news ahead. Fingers crossed!

If you haven't already and would like to view the campaign and nominate the book, here's the link:

Thanks for everyone's support!


The Maverick Meets His Match has been selected for Amazon's Kindle Scout campaign. As someone else described it, Kindle Scout is like American Idol for books. Based on an excerpt posted on the Kindle Scout site, readers nominate those books they want to see published by Kindle Press. If a book you nominate gets selected for publication by Kindle Press then you as the nominator will get a FREE Kindle copy of the book before it is published. It's a win/win.

So will you help me and nominate THE MAVERICK MEETS HIS MATCH? You just need an Amazon account.  Here is the link to do so:

Here's hoping you get a FREE Kindle copy of THE MAVERICK MEETS HIS MATCH!
Hugs, Anne

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SAD beginning, HAPPY ending

I am sure many of you have had this happen to you but a bird flew into my sliding glass door yesterday near dinner time. The clunk was loud so I knew it wasn’t good. Sure enough, there she was on the deck, clearly stunned but still alive…barely. I felt helpless as I watched her struggle for breath. Tears filled my eyes. Another bird flew onto the deck. Her mate? He stood a few inches from her watching as her head bent and her body seemed to pull in on itself. She had been moving her head a little at first, but now it just hung, seemingly lifeless. Her mate moved closer, almost touching her wings. I thought he was saying goodbye. She moved her head slightly to look at him. This tragedy had been playing out over twenty minutes. 

Crying, unable to watch anymore and saying prayers that this bird would live and live well, I went in to change my clothes because I had someplace I had to be. Minutes later I had to check. Both birds were gone, had flown away. Happy ending! I doubt this is the same bird at my feeder this morning but I like to think so. Any tips for what to put on my window so this doesn’t happen again? 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Morning Glories

Morning glories have come back to my garden every year since the first one I planted three years ago. I had the same experience at my other house before moving to this one. Though annual, they are such prolific re-seeders that you rarely have to plant another one again after planting the first one. And if you get too many seedlings popping up, they are easy to pull out so you don't have to worry about being overun with them. So few flowers are blue that I treasure these little garden gems. I love looking at them while I sit on my porch and sip my morning tea. So if you need a smile in your life, try planting a morning glory and enjoy the view!

What are some of your favorite flowers in the garden?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I am a White Wine Kind Of Gal

White Wines

My favorite wine is a sweet white wine. I know, sweet or dessert wines aren’t really wines for the connoisseur but I’m not a connoisseur—just a wine drinker. J My favorite wine is a Riesling—guess that comes from that sliver of German in me. But I also like a good Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay—which aren’t so sweet.

My husband loves a good Melbeck or Merlot but his absolute favorite is a Montepulciano D’Abruzzo. Can you tell he’s Italian?

I wish I could drink red wines, but, like many people I get a headache afterwards and it’s just not worth it. Some people say it’s the sulfates but sauerkraut and lunch meats supposedly have sulfates and I don’t get headaches from those foods. Others say it is the tannins and that makes more sense to me since it comes from the dark skin of the grape as well as some of the oak barrels the wine is aged in. Some reds are low in tannins so maybe someday I’ll try an experiment but if I get a headache, that will be the end of the experiment because those headaches are debilitating!

So any wine recommendations for a girl who likes her whites?