Sunday, July 3, 2016

Love Me Some Fireworks!

I love fireworks. And I love that we celebrate our Independence with a fireworks display! I don't mind the noise or the crowds. I love to sit and ooh and ahh to my heart's content. Disney fireworks are probably tops but I must say Atlantic City, NJ puts on quite a show on 4th of July.

When I was growing up, our neighbors would hold their annual 4th of July picnic--a huge affair--and they would shoot off fireworks of their own (before it became illegal in my state). My dad, my uncle, and our neighbor were all firemen (volunteer) and most of their friends were firemen or EMTs so I suppose if we had an incident, which we didn't, they would have known, hopefully what to do. Having fireworks in someone's back yard meant we never had to venture far for a great view although there wasn't the massive display you see at town events.

My favorite "fireworks" were those sparklers. I just loved them and I admit I miss them. It made me feel like part of the action.

This Fourth of July, after spending time with family, we are all going to the fireworks. Can't wait! What are some of the best fireworks you have seen?

Monday, June 20, 2016

99 Cents Kindle Edition for a limited time only

LOVING A COWBOY  kindle edition has been discounted for a limited time only to the sale price of 99 cents! This is Book 1 in the Hearts of Wyoming series: Libby and Chance's story-

Saddle bronc rider Chance Cochran knows a bad omen when he sees one, and Libby Brennan isn’t just a bad omen, she’s the woman he was married to, five years ago, for all of forty-eight hours—before her father dragged her away and started divorce proceedings. 
It isn’t by coincidence Libby Brennan shows up where Chance is celebrating the win that put him in the million-dollar cowboy class. Older and hopefully wiser, she’s come to clear up a legal technicality as well as ask his forgiveness. Then maybe she can move on with her life.

But saying she’s sorry won’t be enough to make amends to this cowboy who has endured a lifetime of people abandoning him. When Chance needs some help after sustaining an injury however, Libby may have a second chance—at love.

This series is all about second chances so if you enjoyed The Maverick Meets His Match, you'll enjoy Loving a Cowboy. And if you have read Loving A Cowboy and enjoyed it, I would be so grateful if you could leave a review. It doesn't have to be long--just a few words will do but reviews help other readers figure out if they would like the book and Amazon's algorithms reward a book with more reviews in terms of visibility. Here's the link again:

Hope you enjoy the ride!  Hugs, Anne

Friday, April 22, 2016


I’m trying my first Amazon giveaway and giving away 5 Kindle copies of LOVING A COWBOY, Book 1 in the Hearts of Wyoming series, to 5 lucky number winners via Amazon. If you have read Ty and Mandy’s story, this is Libby and Chance’s happily-ever-after. Click on over to sign up! It might be your lucky day.

Here's the link

And if you have already read LOVING A COWBOY and enjoyed it, I would be so appreciative if you could leave a review for it on Amazon. Reviews are the best way for potential readers to know if they will like the book or not and Amazon favors books that have more reviews. Here's the link:

Thanks and hugs, Anne

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I was checking out how THE MAVERICK MEETS HIS MATCH was doing now that it was no longer on sale (99 cents). Predictably it has fallen to a rank between 60 and 80 in Western Romance now that it is back to its original price of $3.49

On its page, Amazon was advertising New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr's newest book released by Harlequin titled: What We Find. I almost fell off my seat when I saw what Harlequin is charging for the Kindle edition of her book: $12.99--yes, for an e-book. And her ranking was a very respectable, and enviable, 235 in all books in the paid Kindle Store! More power to her and her publisher!

Here's the link to check it out:

It just goes to show that if you write a good book, have built a large loyal following to propel you to that New York Times best selling author status, readers will pay decent money to read it.

Now, back to building that loyal following....

Monday, April 4, 2016


THE MAVERICK MEETS HIS MATCH was published by Kindle Press on January 26 (here's the link: ) and a little over a month later the book got its first promotion.
Promotion 1: The first promotion appeared on February 28th, one day after the Look Inside feature finally appeared on the book. (I am sure that, as a relatively unknown author, the lack of the Look Inside feature hurt sales in the first month of release but, as you will see, the promotions have more than made up for it.)

MAVERICK started climbing the charts on that Sunday. At first I thought maybe it was due to the Look Inside feature finally being functional but when it reached #3 (at about 8:00 pm that Sunday evening) in Western Romances and in the low 500’s overall, I knew that some sort of promotion had to have happened, likely a spotlight on the book for Kindle Fire users.
Promotion 2: On February 26th I was informed that MAVERICK had been selected for inclusion in Amazon’s 99 Romances for 99 cents each starting on Friday, March 4th and running for a month through to April 4th. 

I had one week to line up advertising to promote the discounted price. I submitted requests to BookBub, which, I found out, Kindle Press did also. We both were rejected. I also submitted to E-reader News Today (March 13), Reading Deals (March 5), We Love Readers (March 8), Bookhearts (March 10), Choosy Bookworm (March 18), a Fivver FB posting/tweet (March 20) and another Fivver FB/Tweet posting from my favorite gig (March 25).

While I can’t say for certain what worked, I do believe that the blitz of promos in the first week helped keep it at #2 in Western Romance for that period and that the other promos did show a bump in ranking. In all I spent $154.25 on these promos.

In addition, I ran a boost of my Facebook posting announcing this discount/promotion from March 4 until April 1 at a rate of $10/day. The one day I took it down to $5 my ranking dropped. When I put it back up to $10, the ranking improved. I kept it at $10. It cost me $265. Running boosts of my Facebook posts promoting my book have been more effective for me than Facebook Ads. I have 2750+ fans on my Love Western Romances page and I boost the post to followers and their friends. I can tell when my boost has stopped because the book's ranking does sink perceptively.

I did a lot of "free" promo--posting in Facebook groups and on twitter and participated in two retweet parties--one on March 9 with MFRW authors and one on March 30 with Kindle Press authors.

I do believe that getting the word out about the promotion helped to sustain and perpetuate MAVERICK's ranking in the western romance category beyond just the 99 cent price since many books in the promotion did not seem to achieve similar results. 

Thanks to Amazon, MAVERICK also landed as the number 3 or 4 book on the 99 Romances page throughout most of the promotion which had to help with visibility. Perhaps by starting out strong in the first week, MAVERICK had a leg up in securing a coveted front page spot, but whatever the reason, I am grateful for the visibility.

What I didn't do during this promotion month was promote via blog spots. I have personally found them a lot of work with minimal gain. I didn't join Net Galley for reviews or pay review sites (I might have been tempted if I didn't get this promotion.) I didn't pay for Twitter ads--I do promote on twitter but beyond re-tweet parties, I haven't found twitter that effective.

I won't find out how many books were sold until the end of this month as I am not sure how reliable those rank-to-sales calculators are but if they are reliable the book has done well. However, I already know my modest advertising investment has been worth it. MAVERICK reach #2  in Western Romances (number 325 overall) shortly after the 99 cents promo began and stayed there for six days! In fact, for the month of March it pretty much stayed in the top 20 of the best seller list (the first page) for Western Romances as you will see in the graph below. No advertising dollars were put behind it in these last few April days of the promotion and my rankings have dropped to between 20 and 40 in Western Romance. When I planned out my promotions I didn't know if they would be effective and I thought by the end of the promotion the reader pool could be exhausted.

I also have another book in the series that has certainly benefited from reader interest in MAVERICK and I have a third book that I am working on and plan to release this year so the money I spend is part of building the brand, as well as a loyal following as newsletter subscribers are also increasing as a result of readers finding this book. 

Also during this promotion, Maverick went from having 9 reviews to 30 with an average rating of 4.6. This may not seem like a lot to some, but for this newbie author it is.

Below is a chart of the book's ranking in its western romance category for the month of March, with the ads noted so you can see the impact. (Note: the label "series" should be rank--I only realized that it said series after I was all done. A low number, obviously, is better). 

Bottom line—I couldn’t be happier with the opportunity Kindle Press/Amazon gave this book. I'm glad I spent money to promote the discounted price (and would happily spend more next time based on the results) rather than just relying on the discounted price to do the job, and I am very grateful to be a Kindle Press Author. 

If anyone has suggestions on other things I should have done, let me know. I am still in learning mode when it comes to book promotion.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Nothing Beats a Country Boyfriend--Here's Why

I couldn't have said it better than the Country Habit blog (link below) so I'm sending you there. This is what makes a romance novel cowboy a great hero, especially for the tough-minded heroines in the Hearts of Wyoming. Of course, this is a romanticized look at cowboys but having known  a few in my time, it's true more often than not.

You'll find Chance Cochran and Ty Martin are men in this vein and Cody Taylor coming soon in Book 3 is even more so. They each have their burdens but they know how to carry them.

Available at Amazon:
Time is running out to get THE MAVERICK MEETS HIS MATCH at 99 cents as part of the 99 romances for 99 cents each promotion going on at Amazon right now.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tea and Things

I am a die-hard tea drinker. When I went to visit England many years ago, I fell in love with PG Tips brand of tea. Now to anyone who is British, this does not speak well of me. PG Tips is like their Lipton tea--nothing special. In fact, when I recently held a "tea" for the ladies in my neighborhood, my British neighbor gave a very unladylike snort when I pointed out the PG Tips on the table. (I also had Earl Grey, Lady Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Ginger & Peach, and Green tea in loose leaf or bags depending on the brand so not to worry, she had lots to choose from.)

But, if you have ever had PG Tips, you know that it is a robust, strong tea that bests the "weaker" common American teas in my humble opinion especially if you have to drink decaf as I do. Everything, you see, is relative.

How do I get PG Tips in America? Well the good news is that regular PG Tips started showing up in my local supermarket about five years ago. I would have been ecstatic except I can't tolerate caffeinated beverages. When I met a new neighbor who loved tea, however, I presented her with a box of regular PG Tips. She loved the tea but was sorry to hear that I could not partake with her.

Fast forward to my birthday. The doorbell rang, I opened it, and there stood my neighbor with a small bag and in that small bag was a package of Decaf PG Tips! I was in heaven. Where did she get it? Amazon of course. Since then I have been buying my tea off of Amazon. Who knew?

This is my little extravagance that makes me smile with every cup (and I have a lot of cups especially when I am writing.) Much like, I'm sure, coffee drinkers feel when they have a Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato, though my cup of tea, even though it is imported, is much less expensive.

Tea anyone! What's your favorite tea? Coffee?