Monday, February 2, 2015

Excerpt from Loving a Cowboy

On Feb. 3rd I will be at 
 sharing a recipe for a dish Libby, the heroine of LOVING A COWBOY, makes to test her cooking skills, which to that point have been pretty much a disaster. Here is an excerpt detailing one of her disasters as she tries to use her cooking skills to persuade Chance to let her take care of him while he's laid up with a broken foot and bruised ribs. Enjoy!

Chance looked at the withered slab of meat that had been set before him and wondered if she’d be insulted if he asked for corn flakes. Probably.

Besides, looking at those big blue eyes of hers, brimming as they were with hope, he couldn’t do it to her. At least there was a baked potato slathered in butter, a decent salad on his tray, and a few slices of bread. He wouldn’t starve. Not that he had much of an appetite with the pain pulsing in his ribs and throbbing in his foot. Good thing, because that meat was a whole other matter.

He reached for the bottle of steak sauce and tipped it so the brown liquid flowed over the beef, smothering it.

“I am sorry,” she said from her perch at the foot of his bed. “I guess I put the flame too high.”

“What did you put on the steak, lighter fluid?” He took a tentative bite…and chewed.

“Just some onion salt and olive oil.”

“Oil on steak with the flame up is a recipe for flare-ups.” He chewed some more. His ribs felt like they’d just been tenderized by a mallet, and his foot felt like it had been pummeled by a hammer. Hell.

“I’ll remember for next time.”

Next time. His house might not survive a next time. He kept chewing. The vinegar-enhanced sauce valiantly fought the dry charred taste. Too early to tell which would win.

LOVING A COWBOY is available at

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Taco Dip

I'm always looking for an easy dip for tortilla chips. Here is one I found that everyone seems to love:

1 (16 oz) container of sour cream
1 (8 oz) package of shredded Cheddar cheese
1 (4 oz) can chopped green chilies
½ (4 oz) can chopped black olives, drained (optional)
1 (1 oz) pkg. of taco seasoning (to your level of spiciness)

Mix it all together.

Easy, Breezy!

My heroine in LOVING A COWBOY is a disaster in the kitchen--at least at first. Bet she would have been able to make this though. LOVING A COWBOY is available at:

Sunday, January 25, 2015


LOVING A COWBOY is now available at Amazon, B&N and iBooks. It is Book 1 in the Hearts of Wyoming series. 

Saddle bronc rider Chance Cochran knows a bad omen when he sees one, and Libby Brennan isn't just a bad omen, she’s the woman he was married to, five years ago, for all of forty-eight hours—before her father dragged her away and started divorce proceedings.

It isn't by coincidence Libby Brennan shows up where Chance is celebrating the win that put him in the million-dollar cowboy class. Older and hopefully wiser, she’s come to clear up a legal technicality as well as ask his forgiveness. Then maybe she can move on with her life.

But saying she’s sorry won’t be enough to make amends to this cowboy who has endured a lifetime of people abandoning him. When Chance needs some help after sustaining an injury however, Libby may have a second chance—at love.

Here's an excerpt:

Would he stop? The silent question hung in the air while Libby watched him approach, her gaze riveted in his direction like a nail caught in a magnetic field.
Her foot was shaking like it was ready for takeoff. She felt like running. She knew she couldn't. Not this time. 
"Imagine finding you at the Cattleman's Club after all these years."
That low, sexy male voice could still vibrate her heart. Libby struggled to hide any reaction as she looked up into the familiar stone-chiseled face and stormy gray eyes shadowed by a black Stetson.
"Congratulations," she managed to get out as Chance, dressed in a white shirt and black jeans, pulled out the empty chair across from her and filled it without waiting for an invitation. "You looked great out there today," she added, reaching for the easy compliment and hoping against hope they could keep it friendly.
Her pulse picked up, perspiration dampened her neck, and her heart actually fluttered at the sight of him sitting across from her. What had she gotten herself into?
 “Didn’t think you followed rodeo, Libby. Things must have changed.” His rugged features may have been schooled into a bland expression, but there was a challenge in his voice.
“People do change, Chance.” Her being here, facing him, should have been proof of that.
“Do they?”
He angled his body toward her, bringing along a musky whiff of aftershave. The same aftershave she’d bought years ago to remind her of him. She tried not to breathe too deep lest the scent launch her traitorous heart into full-out palpitations.
“You’ve changed, Chance. You’re a million-dollar cowboy now.” She’d never have imagined it, though she should have. Chance had more grit and determination than anyone she knew. He’d had to.
 “So you think money changes a man?” His gaze traveled down her silky pink camisole, stopping at the waistband of her denim jeans and causing a little shimmer to go through her. How could that still be after so much time?
“Question is, whether the change would be for good or bad,” he added, meeting her eyes again.

Enjoy the ride!

Monday, December 15, 2014

My new cover from the fabulous Rae Monet for my next release--Loving A Cowboy--due out in January. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Dukes of Manchester: When Being A Noble Doesn't Mean You Are Noble!

Blogging today about the scandalous Dukes of Manchester (including the current Duke!) at
Lot's of fodder for stories so hope you will check it out.

Note: Picture is courtesy of Wikipedia.
This media file is in the public domain in the United States. This applies to U.S. works where the copyright has expired, often because its first publication occurred prior to January 1, 1923.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Released: Saving Cole Turner

Saving Cole Turner was released today. Here's the blurb:

Washington Territory, 1871

Kate Flanders is set on marrying Cole Turner and saving him from the gun-toting life he’s been leading. Kate’s loved Cole since they were children, growing up in very different families. Now that he’s back in Three Bridges, this may be her last chance to make him hers and she’s got a plan.

Cole Turner is many things, most of them bad, but he’s not about to take advantage of the one person in his life who actually saw some good in him. Kate’s fantasy about marrying him is just that, a fantasy. Not that he doesn’t want her, he does. But he’s not about to ruin her life, because that’s what being married to him would do.

One determined female, one stubborn cowboy...anything can happen.

Please note: This is a novella of about 79 pages and 22,000 words.


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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Saving Cole Turner: Excerpt

Washington Territory, 1871

Chapter 1

“I’m not going to marry you.” Cole stared in disbelief at the pretty young woman who stood before him. Pressure pulled tight across his chest like a rope around a calf’s ribs. How could she even think such a thing?

“You’re a coward, Cole Turner." Kate Flanders spat out the words so hard her sweet face got all twisted up with emotion.

Had a man called him that, he’d have drawn already and fired his shot, likely killing the idiot. That all he wanted to do was collect her in his arms and kiss the blazes right out of her said he was loco, not a coward.

Cole looked around the copse of pine trees that hid the couple and their two hobbled horses and wondered how he had gotten into this predicament. Nothing to do but gather the splinters of his temper and address this reasonably.

“Kate, you know I’m not the marrying kind. I wouldn’t make a good husband and you...” He paused to take a needed breath. “Wouldn’t make me a good wife.”

She bristled like a porcupine under siege. Those blue eyes of hers went wide then narrowed as she shook her head. Auburn colored strands tumbled from her fancy hairdo to frame her delicate face. 

She was a beauty. He certainly knew how to pick ‘em where looks were concerned. Where he apparently fell short was accounting for temperament.

“I’d make you the best wife and you know it.” She stabbed a slender finger in his chest, giving several pointed taps. When she leaned in closer, he could smell the scent of roses. “I’ll save you from yourself.”

Damn if that pouty red mouth of hers wasn’t distracting. He’d kissed her senseless last night.

Apparently she’d recovered.

“I don’t need saving.” He’d packed too much sinning into his twenty-three years for there to be talk of saving.

Her face turned red and her backbone went straight as a newly hammered post. “You need to settle down. You need to marry me. We need to make babies.”

“I’ll be happy to do the last part.” He gave her a grin that had gotten him into bed with more than one woman. “The other two—ain’t gonna happen.”

He wasn’t so much afraid of her temper as those clenched fists bunched on her hips.

Last night under the stars, she’d let him touch the soft breasts hidden now under her silky blue dress. Guess she thought that entitled her to some sort of declaration on his part. 

Not that he didn’t find her attractive, and, if he were a man with prospects, he’d be tempted to court Kate, maybe even marry her, since that’d be the only way into her bed. But he wasn’t a man with prospects.

“Cole Turner, don’t you be making wise with me. It’s Kate Flanders you’re talking to, not Polly at the Red Bull.” She stomped her booted foot on the ground.

“Exactly why I’m not going to marry you. For Christ’s sake, Kate. Your father would never allow it.” That truth angered him more than it should have. His large hands settled on shoulders so delicate he took extra care to be gentle. “I’m a bounty hunter, Kate. I kill people for money. I’m no good.” 

Tears sprang to her blue eyes like metal to a magnet, making him regret his remark. But it only proved what she should already know: he wasn’t fit to be her husband, and what he wanted didn’t matter in this at all.

She unclenched her fists and wrapped her arms around his neck, and damn if he wasn’t powerless to stop her. “I love you,” she said in a single breath that nearly stole his away.


Available soon at, and

Excerpt is from Saving Cole Turner by Anne Carrole, copyrighted, all rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-9885616-1-8